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October 02, 2006


To answer your question, "are people getting worse?"
Yes, of course they are and it's little wonder, given the reckless and irresponsible way your leader goes around the world declaring war on whole nations and killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians, in an attempt to even up an attrocity caused by a relatively small number of terrorists five years ago.

You say that God should be mentioned in schools at least once a day. Do you have any idea how many millions of human beings have been killed and continue to be killed in God's name?

Yes, people are getting worse and will continue to do so until your leaders look to their God to find reasons not to kill others, just because you happen to be the most powerful nation militarily on the planet, instead of using God as an excuse to wage war.



Penny, I am surprised by your remark. I had no IDEA that George Bush was responsible for a man shooting Amish school girls! Is there no END to this president's treachery?

My goodness, it's almost as if George Bush is omnipotent. He has singehandedly brought about all civilian deaths in the war on terror, inspired terrorism around the world, incited every act of violence in America, warmed the planet, caused hurricanes, starved the world's poor, and killed "tens of thousands" of innocent civilians. Wow. In just six short years.

There is one little fact about the Amish shooting I haven't figured out yet. The shooter told his wife he was "avenging" something that happened 20 years ago. Hmmmm . . . . I'm STILL certain that GEORGE BUSH is SOMEHOW responsible.

IF ONLY we had a world in which every nation responded to terrorist attacks that kill thousands of their men, women and children with PEACE. We should all just gently ACCEPT mass murders of our people, hijacking of our airplanes, destruction of our office towers, direct attacks on our Pentagon, and attempts to destroy our Capitol. If we do that, EVENTUALLY, MAYBE the terrorists will get tired of slaughtering our people and destroying everything we hold dear and just . . . GO AWAY.

Hey, don't laugh. It could happen!

Maybe even while a few of us are still left alive. Hopefully.

And then Amish school girls will be safe. Hopefully.

Bible study? YOu know thats one of the biggest sources of violence in the world. We need less bible study and religious mania of all kinds. Almost all fights in the world are based on it and everyone thinks they are right.

If one needs a god to surrender too than they are just weak. I do not need a god to not violate my fellow man. If you do than you have problem in my opinion.

Its funny how you can see other peoples problems yet your own believes you cannot see the fault in.

Tim, I wish you well on your personal journey. You may find that over time your ideas change, particularly if you continue to stay engaged and listen to all points of view.

Try visiting a Christian chapel or church sometime soon. Don't wait too long. I think you'll find that your idea that churches, at least, foster violence is not accurate.

I visited at a new chapel a week or two ago, for example, that distributes food to the poor, runs great children's programs, and helps people find meaning and peace through excellent sermons and classes. That church is not fostering any violence; quite the opposite.

In the U.S., some churches have a more conservative feel to them and some are more on the left. Try one on the left, or one that seems apolitical. I'll bet if you really give it a try you'll thank me five years from now. If you attend church regularly and gradually get to know people, within a little while you'll have an incredible sense of community from other positive-minded people who wish you well and who will even lend you hand when you need it.

Do you have a consistent, positive goodwill from the people who are currently your friends? Are they, in turn, kind and supportive of others? Do you and you friends give regularly and generously to help the poor? Before you tear down Christianity, take a look at your circle of friends and consider if all is as it should be. If it is, then you may have hit upon an excellent group of friends, and you should do all you can to keep those positive friendships going. But if most of your friends struggle with negativity, cynicism, addictions, joblessness, or other problems, maybe a change in friends is worth a look.

Now some madrassas and mosques in the world do foster violence. They teach observant Muslims to kill. Any religion like that is a cancer on the world.

There are also peaceful Muslims living around the world, especially in Western democracies where Christians dominate. I don't begrudge anyone their right to worship as they best understand, as long as they don't deliberately harm or kill other human beings.

Another option, if you can't possibly envision yourself going to church, is to try joining a 12-step program. There are many different kinds. You'll find a supportive community and a general willingness to acknowledge the existence of a higher power. Even if the only higher power you can acknowledge at this time is the group itself or your inner conscience, that's OK. You'll be welcome.

Yes, I am trying to get you to take another look at religion and spirituality, because as matters stand you're missing out on something wonderful and you don't even know it.

Good luck to you, my friend.

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