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October 31, 2006


As much as I think Senator Kerry is an arrogant, condescending windbag who has attacked our troops on several occassions (proof of my thinking on this here: www.thinkinboutstuff.com), and as much as I agree with your post in general, I gotta be fair. I watched the video about the trucks & IEDs and I think, when viewed in the context of his statement, he was saying that US troops shouldn't be driving trucks, Iraqis should be.

In this quote: But there is no excuse three and a half years later for American troops to be driving by IEDs and getting blown up. Are you telling me that they can’t drive a truck?

I believe the "they" he is referring to is the Iraqis, not US troops. In my opinion, the folks at Expose The Left took the statement out of context and are misleading us, perhaps inadvertantly. There's enough real stuff about Kerry without providing evidence to the loons that conservative bloggers make stuff up.

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