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September 05, 2006


Evil? Abu Grahib?

Ed.: Surprising question. Abu Ghraib was isolated, not current ongoing policy, and included mostly acts similar to college pranks. All improper conduct at Abu Ghraib, prank or not, was prosecuted and is being punished by the U.S. Compare to Beslan, 9/11, Nick Berg beheading or or London or Bombay bombings. None pranks. None isolated--there have been hundreds or thousands of similar atrocities. No participants punished by terrorists; any survivors were rewarded and deaths were celebrated instead. That is the sharp contrast between genuine evil and basic decency with occasional lapses.

I agree with Harry Zorn (Previous Commentator). The terrorists do not respond "in kind" as the media often says we should do. They are proactive in promoting death and destruction.

Our media does little to promote the good that our military is doing. All they see is the bad, because that is all they choose to see.

Ed. I think you may be confusing my editorial note with Mr. Zorn's original comment, but your point is very good.

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