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August 11, 2006


This sale of untraceable telephones is somewhat troubling, but I can only imagine the public outcry that we're going to hear from the low income and other folks that choose to live off the grid. I suppose that some conspiracy kooks think that some sort of right to privacy exists when it comes to using our communications infrastructure. Wrong answer, Bucko!

There are very loosely enforced export restrictions when it comes to technology and I don't see any difference between cell phones and some of the software that can't be sold outside our borders. As much as I'd prefer to avoid going down the path that would have all American citizens carry a national identity/citizenship card, it's becoming plain to see that it might be time for that. The purchase of certain items will only be possible if you present your card at the time of sale. Guess what might wind up on that list? You got it...cell phones, especially the untraceable kind that found their way into the back of a van in Michigan.

See you on the high ground.


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