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June 08, 2006


Seems to be pretty definite this time. I posted the news on my blog, too.

Sometimes it's good to get up in the morning!

i think a majority of us americans can agree that murder is wrong.killing an innocent person,is just not humane.Why be part of the human race if youre not contributing somehow to promote a healthy future?However,killing a known terrorist who has commited such brutal acts does sound like justice in a sense.I watched the video(wish i hadnt)of kim-sun-il beheaded.i must admit i cried.it is unfortunate that there are MANY unknowns out in the world who think exactly like zarqawi.the evil is unimaginable.kudos to the U.S. Air force.You can erase people,but can we erase a mindset?I hope so,its getting scary in this world.

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