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May 31, 2006


Gone are the days of the term guerilla as well. There was a certain romantic quality about it, I would say that it equated to "freedom fighters." Now all guerillas and freedom fighters are terrorists. Also, massacre can and should be used to describe the mass murder of innocent people.

Even if 'true' this incident is the exception and not the rule and should be represented as exactly that... a lapse to otherwise heroic and exemplary behavior.

And... even if 'true' it is a war-crime to target, as well as hide behind, civilians so the TERRORISTS are still responsible for creating the environment within with this sort of excess might happen.

But if 'false'... if it's just another "wedding" story...

Pardon me if I don't shed tears for the next member of the MSM to be killed by... 'insurgents'...

The irony of CNN's Eason Jordan accusing the American military of targeting "journalists", some of whom have collaborated in staged hostage-hoaxes to earn terrorists ransom money, still doesn't allow me to feel any real sympathy.

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