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March 04, 2006


I just watched the Oprah and Jessica interview. I was very upset after seeing her interaction with Oprah and her explanation of her terrible crime. She had the most irritating voice known to man, and always seemed on the verge of tears, although at no point in time did one fall down her face.

She did admit her guilt and remorse, however; it is difficult to identify the source of her remorse; the actual stabbing or the fact that she was caught 6 months later.

She was 15 years old at the time of the murder.. which is what is was. Regardless if the child was born still-born, had she shared the fact that she was pregnant (which she KNEW she was after the result of a take-home pregnancy test) she could have given birth in a safer location, such as a hospital. The stabbing was not in a "state of shock" but was to ensure that the child was dead. Why stab a child who you say was still-born?. Shock and ignorance and being naive are real reasons for lack of judgement, however; I do not believe in the case of Jessica. She wanted to fit into her cheerleading uniform.

What do others think?

This girl is sick! Shes on Oprah and shes says nothing about crushing the baby's head in. They choose what to show and what to say. She looks well groomed waxed eyebrows, hair and makeup all done. Poor me poor me excuses, yet shes "not proud" blah blah blah. Guess shes lucky that I wasn't the judge in that case. Sh could have served 24 years but she got a quater of it 6 little years. Its a crime and so sad she should be serving life without paroll. Maybe even feath would be better. I guess its ok to kill a baby in Ohio and just admit to it 6 years later and not be charged with any of that. Sick, sick, sick! I agree with the other poster its now between her and God. Enough said. God bless Hope (the name given to the baby by the community.)


I think that it's really sad how an innocent baby could be killed.
She shouldn't have had that kind of relationship with her boyfriend it she knew she wasn't ready to get pregnant. She should've told her mom, and she could've put the baby up for adoption to begin with. She has a lack of proper judgement. That is sick!!!!

i just watched the Opera Show on the whole think and it just sickens me that a 15 year old would have any means of doing just a thing!!! i just don't understand and i don't think i ever will understand any of it.... She was wronge in what she did i just hope it never happenes again...

Tanya Smith


It's all a very sad thing. This young person has to deal with for the rest of her life her huge mistake. I couldnt imagine. She'll never feel whole again, or enjoy the simple things of motherhood, and noone will ever let her forget.

What about Jessica's mother. I think I would know if my 15 year old daughter was pregnant.

I was very upset after watching Oprah's interview with this girl and learning about the story. Her only remorse seems to be that she ended up being caught and put in jail for 6 years. I definitely don't believe that the baby's head was crushed because she accidentally fell on him when she fainted. I think that she should take ownership for what she has done and tell the truth. I also think that she should have got the equivalent amount of years for murdering her newborn as she would have got for murdering an adult. Isn't a baby's life worth as much? That is what our society seems to be telling people by sentencing these teenagers and people who kill babies and children. They always seem to get lighter sentences. Also people think that because she was a teenager when this happened that she should be treated with leniency. I think that she knew at 15 that murder was wrong and she should be treated as any other murderer. I do not have any sympathy for her only for her poor helpless little baby. He never had a chance at life.

This has just been shown on Australian tv...Oprah.
I feel that everyone is being totally harsh on this young girl. Yes i agree it is an awful thing to have happened and to an innocent baby.
But this girl was a child herself at the time of it happening and i know that most 15 year old girls would be terrified by the concept.
Yes she was old enough to know right from wrong, but was extremely young and alone.
I wonder why no one had noticed...i mean would a mother not notice her daughter being pregnant???, or question the day she called to be picked up sick from school???
This girl has done wrong i am not denying it, but she will pay for this for the rest of her life, and noone but her can understand how she feels. She has the memories and real life experiences as punishment for what she did. Im not saying you should support her, but leave her alone you were not in her shoes!!!None of you people were in her situation so can not fully understand the situation enough to say such awful things about a girl who at the time was just 15!!!
And what about the boyfriend at 15 he was her only support and encouraged her to hide the fact.... at 15 you are still extremely impressionable and he obviously encouraged her to think being pregnant was wrong and to hide it....he stood on her stomach!!!Now thats sick, he is the only one who knew and made her do these things...he should be made to take more responsibility as he was in on it all...getting her pregnant....helping to hide it...standing on her stomach....throwing the baby into the water...with rocks etc!!!!???!!!!
It is for reasons like the way you people act that push people to do these things
Come on it sickens me that you people are so judgemental!!

I just saw what jessica did to her son on oprah, obviously she was wrong in what she did and how she went about it but obviously the poor girl had some previous issues such as her anorexia and bulimia, it just goes to show how influential people (her boyfriend at the time) and the world really is. She knew what she was doing was wrong but she is paying for it even when she gets out of prison, especially when she gets released. She will never have a normal life because it will be in the back of her mind replaying and if she does have children it will be very difficult for her and her family. She was just 15, being that age you think you are invincible and you are so oblivious to everything around you except boys, school and friends. What happened to the baby was horrible and i feel disgusted for her, but do remember that she'll have to live with it and people judging her will not change what happened. Oh and whats worse is that the father only got two years i think that was injustice and he needs to come to grips of what he did.

I have also just watched this Oprah interview in Australia and it sickened me like nothing else. Amanda, are you a mother? I have 2 little boys and I just cannot fathom how any woman (yes, if Jessica is capable of consensual sex and can get pregnant, than I beieve she is a woman - at least of some degree anyway) can look at their newborn baby -deformed or otherwise - and take a knife to it.MY God! She was pathetic and despicable. If she felt that strongly - has she not heard of abortion? Anyway, we could go around in circles all day, fact of the matter is, a playground somewhere in America is short of one little boy.

What a dreadful story! I watched it on Oprah today in Australia and felt sick to the stomach as that baby had no chance...

My big question is why did no one notice that Jessica was pregnant? She says she was able to hide it as she had an eating disorder and anorexia.....c'mon. No one noticed?? No one at school? No one in the family? Even if she didn't have an obvious tummy, surely someone must have seen that something was wrong. You can't carry a baby and have an eating disorder and just carry on as normal. And the boyfriend, to condone the behaviour by hiding the baby's body...

I certainly don't condone what Jessica did, it was a cruel and irresponsible act and I can't imagine what must've been going through her mind at the time to allow this to happen, but she was 15 years old, pregnant and with an eating disorder and no one around her noticed something was wrong and sought to do something to help her? I think Jessica's family, school teachers and other community members who knew Jessica in the months prior to this tragic event should question their observation skills. I find it hard to believe that this girl had perfect glowing health and normal behaviour prior to this shocking event.

Despite all I have said, I feel for Jessica's family and for Jessica - they are going to suffer for the rest of their lives because of this. Most of all, I feel for that poor baby that had no chance. I hope he is at peace.

I have no sympathy for this girl.If I had been the judge on the bench that day,she would never see freedom again.This girl was drunk at a party when she told her secret.I guess her guilt was eating her alive.-I hope so!She was expecting probation.She just asked for early release.It was not granted!I can't believe they went so easy on her.Jessica also says that she wants to be a mom again after prison.I don't think that's a real good idea.I do blame society for a lot of this though.We do not value human life, it seems.We MUST start letting these girls know;If you kill your baby,you ARE going to prison.No probation,no early release,no plea-bargins.YOU have KILLED someone and your sentence will be the same as any other murderer.Do your repenting in the slammer.You used to be like any other teenager,but not anymore.I guarentee that a policy like this would help.I think Jessica's real worry is that her current boyfriend wont wait around for her.I hope he doesn't.He turned her in, and it sounds like he's got some morals.He can do better.

People make mistakes every day,but society holds us accountable.She is no different.Sure there are some that want her to have another chance,but talk to anyone that has a family member or friend in prison.They wish that person could be released too.6 years is not enough.

Oh poor Jessica-She came from a bad family-boo- hoo! They couldn't be that bad.She had dinner with them after the murder!Her mom was a nurse caring for life.How angry would she have been?This girl was enjoying sex and drugs and drinking.She was allowing her boyfriend to stand on her tummy thus crushing her poor growing baby.She always appeared to be dressed to the 9's in court.I never saw her in rags[I live in the same city as she did]I saw the local news footage.She is nothing more than a selfish,self-absorbed little snit.She never once thought they would put her away.Now she wants out early so she can" make a difference"Sorry Jess,I don't think that anyone wants any parenting tips from you.Maybe you will be able to get into AA in a prison program and start getting some help for your drug and alcohol addiction.You really need that first before you are going to speak to the public.

This girl is not sorry.She was having a great time living it up and decided to turn herself in due to guilt!She probably saw other girls getting probation for the same crime.Hey,that's society for ya.I think her tears were for her punishment,NOT her baby.When the judge gave her 6 years,she immediatly asked for early release.Why do that if you know you deserve to be punished?I don't want her back in society.She should be considered dangerous.I couldn't stab anyone not even a dying cat!I would at least take it to the vet to be put to sleep.Sad though,either way you look @ it,her life is totally ruined.

Jessica IS a monster.She stabbed her baby.Why would that detective say otherwise?Because she was attractive?Look at Ted Bundy.His good looks didn't fit the profile of a serial killer monster either,but he WAS a monster.This girl is not right in the head.If there was a petition to sign to put her away for 1000 years,I'd be the first to sign it.6 years? You have got to be kidding.Baby boy Hope didn't ever get to live a humane life for a minute.

both little psychotic Jessica and her boyfriend should be put to death. People like that should not be on this planet, they are beyond sick, evil and horrible and if I were there parents I would want them dead for killing a baby.

Jessica and that no good boyfriend of hers should both be doing double life!

Jessica is a pathetic baby killing thug/felon

jessice coleman will never be forgotten for what she has done because what she did is unforgivable and neither will her ex boyfriend tom for the unforgivable things he helped towards the death of there dead baby boy hope?

When i had seen the show.. i was very confused, she was less punished because.. she was only 15. I don't get that, me, i'm 16 and i'm very positive i was able to see the difference between right and MURDER 4 months ago. It's just a lame excuus, she knew perfectly she was murdering her baby. What I think also was very disturbing, was the fact she kept saying she didn't knew wether her baby was alive or not. It just doesn't sound real to me.

I just read this story on Oprah. Cannot believe it that a little girl can do this.. But dont u think that Jessica was in a wierd situation to do this. She herself was a kid. Just imagine what kind of a situation she was. May be the relation ship she shared with her mother werent good becos of which she couldnt never tell her anything. She was at the best in her life when this happened.. I guess the situation made her do this.. Though I do not support the fact that she killed her own son.. They could have done something about the son. Left it in a church or something, you just cant kill a kid.. 6 or 26 years of imprisonment wouldnt make a difference.A person has to realise her mistake which I think Jessica has. There are millions in our world who abort their kids before they are born that too is not correct, its plain muder but only that its done when the kids in the womb.

Having given birth myself, I am always amazed and confused by these stories of young girls being pregnant, going through labor, giving birth and NOBODY noticing. I'm sorry...but how the heck did she clean up the bathroom, hide her bloody clothes, and go sit and have dinner while the placenta was still inside her and she was likely bleeding profusely? And do you remember the girl who had her baby in the bathroom at prom, then went back to the dance?! I know the specifics are irrelevent at this point, but it just never ceases to amaze me. I knew a girl in highschool who went to the ER with severe stomach pain and ended up delivering a healthy baby that night. She swore she never knew she was pregnant. Apparently she had never had her first period yet, so didn't have any reason to think she had missed one. But my gosh...didn't she wonder what was MOVING in her stomach? Anyway...I feel for all the tiny babies who are never given a chance in life...who are never loved on this earth. But I do believe that Jessica Coleman has true remorse and lives with the regret and pain of what she did every day. It doesn't matter how long she stays in prison. I believe the punishment should fit the crime and that she should not be allowed to ever have children again. Why is the death penalty ok in this country, but sterilization would be against someone's civil rights?

How deeply, deeply disturbing on so many levels. This child strikes me as being removed from her actions - she appears to still be presenting a 'character' to the world. Is this not what she was endeavouring to do way back when she was alone, in her bedroom with a newborn baby in her arms and a knife in her hand? I couldn't help feeling while I listened to her speak, we are hearing the half of the story - it just happens to be the half she has decided to tell. The role of the repenting 'victim of unfortuate circumstance'. The mask of pain and sadness pasted on. It appears that the truth lies in what she is not saying. Is she truly feeling and understanding the enormity this whole, horrible situation? I can't help feeling that she isn't. I don't doubt for a second that she hates the situation she is in, or that she realises that she could have done things so very differently. I am not in the position to judge this person for anything she has done in her life, I just can't help but feel saddened, sickened and unconvinced.

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