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March 01, 2006


This just in:
Iran will use Nuclear Tech in war – Iranian PM

This is from a speech the Iranian PM gave on Aug 1, 2006:

"Today, the Iranian people is the owner of nuclear technology. Those who want to talk with our people should know what people they are talking to. If some believe they can keep talking to the Iranian people in the language of threats and aggressiveness, they should know that they are making a bitter mistake. If they have not realized this by now, they soon will, but then it will be too late. Then they will realize that they are facing a vigilant, proud people."

The speech is posted on this website


If the translation is correct, this may be the first time that the Iranian PM has publicly connected the use of Iranian nuclear technology to the resolution of international conflict. The peaceful use of nuclear technology would not be useful to resolve international conflicts. Therefore, the statement seems to indicate that Iran intends to use nuclear technology for war, or threats of war.

I think this is important.

Dr. Coambs

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