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February 07, 2006


Bravo, Gina. It is important to remember that the acts of a few are not the viewpoints of the many when it comes to these terrorist acts.
   I recall when New Zealand banned French goods in the mid-1990s over nuclear testing at Mururoa Atoll. People who owned French cars found them damaged. French bakeries were vandalized.
   For why? At the time, 75 per cent of French citizens were against the testing, too—in line with New Zealand public opinion.
   And yet, a wave of hate swept across the country—targeting people who had nothing to do with a government’s decision thousands of miles away.
   This time, the boycotts are directed at Danish citizens and the government. While one of the parties to the Danish coalition has a record of what I would class as hate speech, Danish corporations that operate in the middle east are as much victims as the many innocent Muslims whose beliefs were blasphemed by these cartoons.

The pictures were ridiculous.

Freedom of speech doesn't mean insulting someone's religion.

The prophet peace be upon him is dear to us. And as Muslims, we aren't allowed to meant to draw pictures of other prophets e.g. Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and we are not allowed to disrespect other religions.

Bali's not a country.....

Yank in London,

Thanks. When I wrote the post I knew that Bali is not a country but I chose to take literary license because if wrote "Indonesia" few people would have any idea which terrorist attack I was referring to.

It's also wrong to end a sentence with a preposition as I just did, but sometimes writing flows more easily if you break the rules.

And sometimes I start sentences with "and" or "but" even though that's not technically proper either.

And. Sometimes. I. Even. Do. This. Just. To. Make. A. Point.

Which isn't to fault you for making your point. (That wasn't a complete sentence either by the way.)

I appreciate hearing from you, and perhaps your comment will spare somebody some geographical confusion out there.

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