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February 17, 2006



-Let Osama bin Laden get away (and he still hasn't been captured);
-Holds hands with Saudi Princes, who then inflame their citzenry about cartoons;
-Plays guitar and eats cake while a major American city is destroyed;
-Hires a person to handle the Federal Emergency Management Agency simply because he's a buddy;
-Hands over port security to the UAE.

And how, exactly, would John Kerry have been unsafe for America?

t, you clearly dislike our current president a great deal. You probably think you'd be happy if only he were not the president. But with the level of anger you seem to project, I get the feeling that you'll still be deeply disatisfied with the next president we have -- whether that president is a Republican, a Democrat, or something else.

Why do I say this? It's not just the fact that you've gone out of your way to attack the president personally. It's that that you've chosen a news story that has virtually nothing to do with President Bush personally as your vehicle for an attack on him. It's the fact that you focus some of your ire on trivial things like "playing guitar and eating cake." That suggests some deep-seated, disproportionate anger.

Also, what exactly are you trying to accomplish with this post? Last time I checked, there won't be another election in which George Bush is running for president. Therefore, instead of channeling your energy toward, say, avoiding having an Arab company take over our ports, you're still trying to go back in time and change the last election.

You might want to scroll down and find my February 15th post about the Pew research study on how to be happier.

You can take offense if you want and ignore any and all suggestions about how to be happier, from me or anyone else.

Or you can actually decide to become a happier, more contented person.

That doesn't mean you stop trying to improve your world. But you develop a baseline of happiness that carries you through everything, good or bad. Try it. It's a worthy thing to strive for.

You may want to check out that insane 'webloafers' take on this subject.

Here 'tis

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