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February 20, 2006


Great website Gina, conservative voices continue to outnumber and dwarf the cacophony from the moonbat realm. Previously the poor demented rope smokers only had BDS (Bush derangement syndrome) to give them the strength to march on without bathing or shaving to make their unintelligible voices heard in small smelly herds before being hosed down and arrested.

Fortunately a new figure, and a stunning one at that has given them a new affliction and a new cause to send them onward to further prosecution and personal interaction with the man. Yes, it's Palin Derangement Syndrome. A new and even more potent form of mind altering reality to the chemically inflicted brains of a progressive. By the time TEAM JoeBama goes down in flames, they will have already formed a hive mentality and scream that the election was stolen.

Such sweet music to my ears couldn't have been produced by the finest musicians in the world. What was to be a coronation after the obligatory facade of a race has instead turned into series of gaffes, flip flops, dwindling campaign funds and the fork being stuck into the Clinton dynasty as a wonderful parting gift. Thank you Team JoeBama.

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