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February 02, 2006


Perhaps you missed where these millions of dollars being "given" by Israel are Palestinian tax revenues which are theirs anyways and Israel is basically saying "We can steal it with impunity". Which they can because they are some sophisticated propogandists who can turn even someone as reasonable as you into some one blind.


I do realize that the tens of millions of dollars we are talking about were being paid as tax revenues and for similar purposes. However, I question whether Israel is obligated to pay taxes to a new government which has vowed to destroy them.

My more immediate point was simply that I'll bet the Palestinians have no idea that Israel has been providing tens of millions of dollars on a monthly basis to the Palestinian authority.

Palestinians can see as far as their hatred for Israel. They have this notion that if they can only destroy Israel, all their problems will be solved. The truth is the opposite. The fact that Israel and much of the West that the Palestinians hate have actually been the major source of the money paid to Palestinians each month must be completely beyond their comprehension.

Peace to you as well.

However, I question whether Israel is obligated to pay taxes to a new government

Ma'am, these are taxes (i.e: Customs revenues) collected from Palestinians by Israel. This is Palestinian money.

My apologies for after rereading, I see that my previous post wasn't very clear on this point.

They have this notion that if they can only destroy Israel, all their problems will be solved.

Out of curiousity, can you find me a Palestinian who unambiguously has this notion?

Start from the official website of Hamas.

Honestly I doubt that you can find a Palestinian who has this view though I see it repeated on the media for consumption of the masses.


"Hamas will not speak about Israel’s destruction. Hamas can’t destroy Israel. And Hamas actually doesn’t want to destroy nuclear Israel."

"Hamas will be willing and ready to give Israel a de facto recognition, an open-ended peace, if Israel agrees to recognize a sovereign Palestinian state on 100% of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem and allow Palestinian refugees to return to their homes, from which they were expelled at gun point when Israel was created in 1948." - Hamas Website

Sounds reasonable...no?

"Sounds reasonable...no?"

That's right, Shukri. It SOUNDS reasonable. On purpose. To distract YOU and other decent people from the truth of what Hamas is about: the destruction of Israel or, failing that, the destruction of as much of Israel as possible, or as many Israelis as possible.

From Wikipedia's entry on Hamas:

"While during the election campaign Hamas dropped its call for the destruction of Israel from its manifesto [2], several Hamas candidates insist that the charter is still in force and often called for Israel to be "wiped off the map" in their campaign speeches [3], [4]." (The numbers are links to supporting materials.)

Hamas has deliberately murdered over 377 people and wounded over 2,076 in homicide bombing attacks, including numerous innocent men, women, children and babies. This was not accidental or collateral damage: Hamas DELIBERATELY PLANNED to KILL AND MAIM these innocent civilians who were eating pizza, riding buses, and otherwise minding their own business.

I don't trust anything Hamas says. What decent, thinking person could, after giving it some real, honest thought? An organization that's only notable accomplishment in the world so far has been to deliberately target innocent civilians for murder and maiming has LESS than zero credibility on any subject.

I don't even care that much at this point whether they currently want to destroy all of Israel or just make the lives of Israel's people a living hell. Either way, Hamas is evil and they are the last group on earth anyone should be giving money to. I'm sorry that you are involved in the effort to fund them. I hope you will extricate yourself from that as soon as possible and do something more productive for the world. Just about ANY job in America would be more useful and beneficial to the human race than promoting a terrorist organization.

I'm astonished that Hamas has any credibility with you or with any decent thinking person on this earth. I can only assume that, as a Muslim, you have been taught certain things that have led you to where you are today. I hope that you can give more thought to what Hamas really is and reconsider your support. You deserve better.

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