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February 10, 2006


Friday brings new prophet drawing protests

My religion forbids portraying the image of Bugs Bunny. Every Wednesday evening I riot in my cell, after having seen the violation the previous Saturday morning. Just to make myself good and mad, I draw a few graven images myself.

If you've never encountered a person who abuses, systematically and consciously, your COURTESY, then it is difficult to make sense of this Islamic hoorah, for that is what they're doing, imposing THEIR standards on US, then whining and seething when we don't agree to SUBMIT to THEM!

"As a Christian, I sincerely hope all Muslims see the light and find a better religous tradition to follow --" BUT Islam already subsumes Christianity! They already believe themselves more enlightened, more beloved of God and more spiritually developed than Christians.

There is NOTHING to move Muslims backward to Christianity, and no way to move them forward... except by turning them toward the Promised One prophesied by Jesus (Matt 24:14, Luke 21:24, Matt 24:15) and Who came at the exact time all three of Jesus' holy, truth-telling promises were fulfilled: May 23, 1844!

Just so you know, I am NOT one of those who would respond to Danny's post in this manner (I found you at wizbang) I am an American Catholic who WAS married to a Saudi moderate Moslem for nine years. Danny's post and yours are simply a breath of fresh air to me. Notice though who is logging on, your point made. How can a voice of moderation be made when it is falling on deaf ears.
No, I didn't get that memo either, but a whole lot of people did and quite frankly, I am ashamed for them.
It is only ignorant bigots who believe what they are saying. Is their's the voice of reason? I think not, because there are certainly more moslems being hurt by this insanity then there are us.
As a person with a foot and vested interest in both worlds, I applaud your efforts and hope you get some responses which are positive!

Do you condone religious intolerance as long as it comes in the form of another religion?

Apparently so.

Have you read what the Qur'an and Hadiths say about Jews? They read like the Mein Kampf.

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