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February 17, 2006


I am becoming addicted to your blog....you sure put a lot of effort into it. Don't be surprized if I spend a lot of time here, and maybe even leave a comment now and then.
Good work.

But Arianna's car wreck is a source for inanity that I just can't give up. It's kind of like picking on Maureen Dowd or Barbra Streisand, I know, but I know when I need inspiration and venom, I can always go to the HuffPo and find someone to smack around on my blog.

I don't think I can give that up.

Thanks web loafer. You've got a great blog too. (To everyone else, webloafer's link takes you to "Sanity's Bluff.")

Your little reminder is well-suited to more than must the Hollywood moonbat class... how about a plurality, if not majority, of the Democrat congressional delegation and their party chair?

Good job! Found you in Ferdy's side bar. Consider yourself blogrolled. :D

You know, it is really stupid that arson has become the face of Islam. I don't know if Islam is a religion of peace or a template for aggression, but Islam has done some very important things for the modern...

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