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January 16, 2006


"Fake photos and a right-wing smear debunked!"

That round in the photo is a 203mm round fired out of the M110A2 track
mounted artillery gun.

see here:

You can clearly match up the lettering from the NY Times photo to this
photo. Pakistan has these artillery guns available and they have a
range of over 25 miles so it's not inconcievable that there was
additional fire called in after the air strike by ground teams. The
shell does not look old to me. If you look at the unfired photo
round you can see the banding below the yellow markings. In the NY
Times photo you can see the unbanded round with the rifling marks
shown. Hope this helps you out. I don't really think this was some
big liberal conspiracy

I don't really think this was some big liberal conspiracy
Agreeded ...just some very sloppy reporting that happen to push the NYT agenda.

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