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January 07, 2006


Tues. Mar. 2, 2004
Doubts cast on efforts to link Saddam, al-Qaida

By Warren P. Strobel, Jonathan S. Landay and John Walcott
Knight Ridder Newspapers

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration's claim that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had ties to al-Qaida - one of the administration's central arguments for a pre-emptive war - appears to have been based on even less solid intelligence than the administration's claims that Iraq had hidden stocks of chemical and biological weapons.

Nearly a year after U.S. and British troops invaded Iraq, no evidence has turned up to verify allegations of Saddam's links with al-Qaida, and several key parts of the administration's case have either proved false or seem increasingly doubtful.

Senior U.S. officials now say there never was any evidence that Saddam's secular police state and Osama bin Laden's Islamic terrorism network were in league. At most, there were occasional meetings.

Moreover, the U.S. intelligence community never concluded that those meetings produced an operational relationship, American officials said. That verdict was in a secret report by the CIA's Directorate of Intelligence that was updated in January 2003, on the eve of the war.

"We could find no provable connection between Saddam and al-Qaida," a senior U.S. official acknowledged. He and others spoke on condition of anonymity because the information involved is classified and could prove embarrassing to the White House.

Eric, that's a good attempt at a rebuttal, but I see some problems with it.

The article you are using is nearly two years old, from March 2004. It also states that part of its basis was a report last updated in January 2003, before the Iraq war. In other words, some or all of the information you are relying on is actually three years old now.

The information reported by the Weekly Standard and cited by Michelle Malkin is based on documents that came to light AFTER the war and which did not receive immediate focus because the initial focus was on weapons. The remaining documents -- a collection of some 2 million items -- are still being reviewed. They reflect the existence of the terror camps (see Michelle Malkin's link above, which takes you to the original source in the Weekly Standard). Also, there are many more documents still in the process of being analyzed -- only about 2.5% of the 2 milion documents have been reviewed so far. There is much more that will be learned.

I also have a little bit of problem with the excerpt you cited because it's based entirely on an unknown number of "anonymous sources" and, on top of that, it's fairly vague. However, I don't doubt that we did not know before the Iraq war that 8,000 or so men had being trained as terrorists in Iraq. My main problem with the Knight Rider article you shared is that it's out of date. It ignores the new documents that have come to light, which is what the current story is about.

However, I don't fault you for posting it here. If you find anything more current that involves these specific documents reflecting the 8,000 terrorists trained, please do post it here so that we can analyze it together.

Honest debate is always good. The truth usually emerges from an honest sharing of conflicting ideas.

The article also does not deal with Saddam Hussein's $25,000 per terrorist funding of homicide bombers who killed innocent men, women and children in Israel. I don't give Saddam Hussein a free pass just because the targets of his export of terrorism were Israeli. (Sadly, I think that some people do, consciously or subconsciously. discount the gravity of deliberately targeting innocent men, women and children for murder if the victims are Jewish or Israeli.) Deliberate homicide bombing of innocent men, women and children, along with Saddam Hussein's torture and murder of large numbers of Iraq's own civilians -- is about as evil as you can get.

Based on these facts, Saddam Hussein clearly was a sponsor of terrorism, in Iraq and Israel and, now we know, in other places as well. Thankfully, now that Saddam Hussein is behind bars, he can no longer pay Palestinians for killing themselves and murdering innocent Israelis, nor can he and his thugs torture, gas, and execute Iraq's innocent people, nor can his regime train the next 8,000 terrorists for terror operations elsewhere in the world. The world is a better place with this leader of heinous terrorism behind bars.

Excellent work you've done here.

Thought you might want to know that a former 20 year DIA intel analyst just came out to challenge the conventional wisdom as well

Also, from now on I’d like to link to all bloggers who talk to this issue when they do a new post (as you have in the past). Can you please email me when something new comes up so I can link you at www.regimeofterror.com ?

It's sooooo boring.
The very VERY VERY FIRST question should be:

What the f%%k is the US doing in the middle east ???
I don't see anyone invading the US.
Don't you think it's just a l i t t l e hypocritical?
NO WONDER there are terrorists and bombs.

If a foreign power invaded the US and started screwing up your country the way they wanted all the US people would become 'gung-ho' fighters overnight to defeat the 'evil' invaders. There would be no doubt that these 'gung-ho' terrorists would try getting into the invaders country to plant terrorist bombs in retaliation. I mean - the invaders would be killing US women and children - you'd have to fight back...

Hypocrites of the highest order.
Every single argument falls flat in the light of the above argument.
Just get it over with and nuke the middle east like you want to.
You better do that because you'll be enduring Jihads forever otherwise.

1. "YAWN. ... . I don't see anyone invading the US."

I guess the events of September 11, 2001 were boring to you? What a yawner.

2. "NO WONDER there are terrorists and bombs."

If you think America is responsbile for the terorrists and bombs, please visit wwww.TheReligionofPeace.com and ask yourself why there have been 11,518 deadlly terror attacks ALL OVER THE WORLD by Islamic jihadists since 9/11/01, including countries of every size, political background, religion, system of government, etc.

Why have Islamic terrorists deliberately targeted and killed innocent citizens in almost every country on earth?

Why have Islamic terrorists attcked innocent civilians minding their own business in Jordan, Egypt, England, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, the Phillipines, the United States, Afghanistan, Israel, Morocco, France, Iraq, Spain, the Palestinian Authority, India, Yemen, Bangladesh, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Germany, Thailand and Lebanon?

You and your one tracked arguments are boring Gina. On and on you go.

I like the verse from the bible that mentioned today. Are you a church goer then. How many of you go to church with the bible under one arm and a gun under the other? Do you get mixed up sometimes? Lol.

You mean the false flag event then?!
No - I agree though - US did nothing before 9/11 to cause the attack. I'll be softer - the west. The Us has had it's finger in almost every region war in the 19th century - and they often start it to destabilise regions. I'd call that terrorism. Bush and his cronies have had wonderful help in the media in promoting the word terrorism since they invaded Iraq. All of a sudden terrorism was on everyones lips. How strange. So the world and the terrorists were sleeping before that ? It's laughable. Anyway - those damn Iraqi's should pay with at least a million lives for the 3000 US deaths. How dare they. Well actually - the Iraqi's had nothing to do with 9/11... Hmmm

But yes - I am against killing. I woudlen't dare visit Iraq or the middle east. If you get kindnapped by one of those crazy Islamic terrorists there you have a good chance of getting your head chopped off. There woulden't be much dialogue then.

So I agree - the US who is the number one killing machine in this world, the number one terrorist whould stop killing. PS - killing of INNOCENT civilians 'accidentally' - not terrorists.

We took our eye off the ball (Afghanistan) and blew it.

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