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December 09, 2005


I enjoyed your list of which countries could relocate. I read of a poll where 40% of Mexicans who are still there would rather live in the U.S., so perhaps it's not hard to convince people to move after all.
Best wishes,

In your list of moving people, moving India to Pakistan just to let them fight it out once and for all shows how much respect you Americans have for humans outside of the your country's borders.
Enjoy !!!


A. It's a joke. Did you notice that it is tagged "Humor"?
B. The joke doesn't attack anyone in India or Pakistan. Nobody who reads my writing seriously thinks I harbor ill will toward innocent men, women and children in foreign lands. I save my ill will for terrorists and tyrants who do try to harm innocent men, women and children.
C. By the way, in seriously (not jokingly) criticizing all Americans as a group (calling them "you Americans"), how much respect are YOU showing to an entire nation of people who live outside YOUR borders?

america is the best place to live ur just pissed because u dont live here urself

I loved this. It is funny that you just posted this. I just read on the internet that the president of the maldives is looking to relocate his entire nation before his country sinks. He is setting aside One Billion Dollars a Year. I wonder where he will choose. It must be terrible when ones country is sinking - geographically I mean.

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