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November 13, 2005


That was very good. I am in agreement, totally.

Great work. I will thank the Gateway Pundit for linking to your terrific post.

I have posed most of your questions in my head - but why no hounding of the victims in this case -
I absolutely missed. It is something I truly hate to see and
would add a montage of LSM stupid questions to victims to the montage of stupid LSMers out in the elements, but I have digressed.

They will not ask the victims of the "youths" for the same reason they don't
ask the parents of blown apart Israelis, or the family members of the victims of the
Iraqi "Freedom Fighters".

On CNN Thursday, the young blonde "correspondent" in Amman assured Wolfless that the bombers could not have anything to do with the Iraqi community made up of those who fled to Jordan before the War.
"They brought their money and invested in businesses and have purchased real estate, their future is in Jordon"
Wonder how many of those that fled with their money to Jordan before we invaded were
Swamp Arabs???
CNN's new Blondie has no conception of who were the only people with money in Iraq. Must have been trained by Easton Jordan and Mrs. Jamie

Very good post. Enjoy your "Instalanche-twice-removed."

Two more questions that occurred to me last night:

1. If these people are rioting because they are so poor, where do all the cars come from? If everybody in your neighborhood has a car, how poor can you really be? In addition, in many of the interviews with the "youths" they speak of how they play video games all day and fight the police all night, and how the "youths" are coordinated via cell phones and blogs. How poor must one be to have ownership of playstations, cell phones, and computers?

2. The "youths" are allegedly "rioting" about unemployment. But a huge percentage of the front line "youths" are as young as 12 or 13. When you were 12 or 13, how much were you concerned about the fact that you didn't have a job? Are the media and French govt. saying that the "youths" are so fore-sighted that they are rioting in 2005 to protest French unemployment rates when they are of age to work, i.e, around 2013? That's some planning!

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