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Gina Cobb is an American lawyer, a writer, and a mother who values liberty, common sense, decency, and kindness. Shockingly, these simple and obvious values are not universally shared and are constantly under attack from one source or another.

The GINA COBB blog seems to choose its own topics. You'll find unique commentary on major news stories, with extra emphasis on the worldwide war on terror. We also take time for general news commentary, inspiration, and humor.

Some posts are authored by guest bloggers. The guest author's name is identified the end of each post, and often at the top of each post as well.


Welcome! Opinions expressed here are those of their authors and do not reflect the opinions of the website publisher, authors, employers, business associates, friends, or pets. Actually, our dogs do agree with everything we say. at least while we're holding the can of dog food. They are super enthusiastic.