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January 31, 2009


Thanks for all the information on this....have a great day Gina

Great info. I can only hope that all of the military's gains are not lost. Great article.

I have to wonder what kind of military we are actually going to have. Most military personnel are not in favor of Obama as the commander-in-chief, and cutting programs and budgets, most senior folks are going to leave.

People, this is not a good thing. It takes time and a lot effort to train up qualified military. It's not something you can just draft up when you need it! He needs to shut up, and take some lessons from people who know what they are doing before he guts the only security this nation has left.

I also bet the money taken from the military will be funneled over to his 250000 private security force. Can anyone say SS?

President Obama is perfectly correct in cutting the US military budget. 3/4 trillion dollars was wasted in Iraq (and that doesn't count looking after the thirty thousand wounded veterans for the rest of their lives) by the Bush military that costs 1/2 a trillion a year to run. The Bush administration has left an unprecendented national deficit - (currently $9,528,997,575,696), which has to be addressed.
In his role as Commander-in- Chief, Obama doesn't dislike the military, he's going to run it properly. His first task, closing the torture section of Gitmo is already initiated. The withdrawal from Iraq will be achieved in a speedy and appropriate way.
And while you're worrying whether he's president or not, he's doing a great job.

"However, I don’t see how Gates can effectively ramp up numbers for more ground action in Afghanistan while his budget is being slashed."

BHO was quite clear (at least occasionally) about it during the campaign: He intends to cut advanced weapons and systems and increase foot soldiers. In other words, more cannon fodder with less technical advantages. This will help accomplish the left's goal of causing massive American casualties in the event of any future action.

I have heard from ex-military friends about unspecified "actions" that the military is taking to avoid loss of readiness, in the case of an Obama adminstration. I was hoping that Gates was an indication that they were succeeding (perhaps by blackmailing BHO). Now, that looks less likely. Perhaps BHO won't be fully briefed on the true extent of "black" programs (we can hope).

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