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April 12, 2008



OK, when I say that Obama was viewing the situation in small-town Pennsylvania through the lens of historical materialism, I refer to the fundamental doctrine of Marxism, which can be summed up thus:

* (a) there is no God nor any other supernatural cause in human affairs; therefore
* (b) material causes -- especially including economics and technological changes -- are the only causes for historical, social and political developments; therefore
* (c) when we see some development (e.g., religious warfare) that appears to be rooted in non-material causes, we should look for the underlying material reality -- the economic or technological factors that are the real causes.

This is where the old communist propaganda phrase "false consciousness" comes from: The oppressed poor fail to have true (class) consciousness because they are blinded by religion, national identity, etc. To the Marxist, these are "prejudices" or "sentimental myths," promoted by the ruling classes in order to justify or defend their own rule.

As Obama applies the doctrine of historical materialism to small-town Pennsylvanians, they have succumbed to the "false consciousness" of Second Amendment rights, religious belief, etc., as an escape from the reality of their own economic oppression.

So called 'scientific socialism' is the quintessential oxymoron...and if Obama truly subscribes to that ideological red herring,then he is the quintessential moron

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