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September 11, 2007


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It has been six years since that fateful morning. Dawn rose over the New York metro area and it was a gloriously bright and sunny morning. The sky was blue without a cloud in the sky. Lower Manhattan's skyline was dominated by the World Trade Center'... [Read More]

» 9/11 RememberedOpen Post from Stop The ACLU
I dont think I can say anything that hasnt been said many times already today and in the past six years. Saying never forget is trite, but tragically, many have forgottenwe know who has and who hasnt. A remin... [Read More]

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Where were you six years ago? That morning, I went to work early, as I usually did, to eat breakfast at the office and take my time preparing for my day in the call center. That doesn't usually involve television,... [Read More]

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[This was originally posted September 11, 2004. I have also reposted Flame Of Hope which was written by my son and originally posted on September 14, 2004. Throughout the day I will link to other blogs with never forget posts.] Remembering It was such ... [Read More]

» What do YOU remember about 9/11? from The Anchoress
REPOST: I wrote this in January of 2006, when the NSA wiretapping program was leaked. Reposting it today because it reflects my memories of 9/11 pretty well. Curiously enough, Jules Crittenden is also remembering the day in detail. So is Vanderleun.... [Read More]

» Six Years On from Business of Life
From Agnus Dei at YouTube set to Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings Osama Bin Laden admitted he ordered the 9/11 attacks  by nineteen Islamic terrorists who commandeered four commercial jet airliners, deliberately crashing two into the World Trade Cen... [Read More]


This is why i visit you site daily. Great read thanks.

May God who safe-guards everyone without any pay,guards their soul and confort their families. Good bless his World.AMEN

God bless the soul of those people who died in that gruesome attack

Very well done. And good points. Peace. Alex, Toronto

God is with you.

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