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November 03, 2006


As a non-Jew, American, I have made the observation that most, (like 99%), Americans feel like, "Israel, so what?". They are too dumb to see that Israel is doing point duty for the U S. The only reason we aren't experiencing the level of violence that she is, is because she is their "right next door neighbor". What Isreal learns must become our lesson as well. These people, (loosely defined), would do unto us as they are doing unto Israel, and will do it as we allow them the opportunity. There is no kinder, gentler factor here. These people have written the rules, and they are ugly. America must observe, and support Israel in her existance. I read the statement and have followed up to either support or debunk it, and this is fact: Israel has never invaded anyone without extreme provocation. She is not the percieved conquering force. Her military arm is aptly named: the Israel Defense Force, That's Defense, folks. Even if she must venture into Lebanon, Palestine, etc. It is in Defense. Sorry bout that but it is a fact. We Americans NEED Isreal.
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