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August 06, 2006


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It's the right message. Only internal weakness can allow 7th century savages any chance to harm us or Israel. It was Rome's weakness that allowed the barbarians, after 7 centuries, to sack the "eternal city."

We do have to wake-up.

It's amazing that there are Americans that will believe the propaganda coming out of Hezbollah and refuse to even acknowledge the rightness of the efforts of those trying to defeat this evil.

This incident points us to other recent events where "news" may have been manufactured. The same Reuter's photographer was at the scene in Qana where first reports of a "massacre" by Israelis turned out to be unfounded.

It was also a Reuter's cameraman who was on the scene to witness the "massacre" by US Marines at Haditha in Iraq.

Clearly we have an enemy who has the means to plant their stooges as stringers for the lamestream media that finds it difficult to leave the comfort of their four star hotels and risk getting the news themselves.

And we have an enemy who is commanded by Allah to lie, cheat, steal and kill infidels.

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