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March 29, 2006


My blood boils when I see that image. We can thank a Congress that refuses to take substantive actions to curb an invasion of our soil.

Isn't reconquista the same as Zionism?

I see your point being pissed with such a horrific image. I'de feel the same if it was my flag in the same situation.However you must see the situation that us immigrants are facing.We're coming to virtually desperate measures to be heard by the government. This desperation causes us to lose some sense and respect for others which is clearly shown in the image. I am not Mexican, I dont claim you land as mine, and I never would. The US gained Mexican territory through politics and war. Which means the US lawfully earned these lands.
I do wish our people would get along once and for all, after all your people say "America, land of the free", I say "America, land of the free...for Americans"


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